Statement of Intent

Brynhyfryd Bowls Club is strongly committed to encouraging our members to take part in all club activities. However the health, wellbeing and safety of all individuals who use the Club's facilities are always our paramount concern, whether these are members, visitors or contractors working on the Club premises.


Health and Safety Officer for Club :  Peter Edwards Chairman

Brynhyfryd Bowls Club recognises the responsibilities under the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 and accompanying legislation to ensure as far as is reasonably practicable the following :

To provide and maintain a safe Clubhouse, grounds and green, safe equipment and a safe environment for members and visitors, particularly for volunteers working for the Club.


To ensure hazards are identified and the appropriate protective and preventative measures are taken.

  To provide information and guidance as necessary, to ensure all individuals cane be assured of a safe and healthy environment.  
  To promote awareness of Health and Safety to encourage best practice.  
  To ensure that the implementation of the Policy is reviewed regularly, as a minimum yearly, and monitored for effectiveness  
  In turn, as a member, visitor or contactor you have a duty to :  
  Take reasonable care for your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do, or do not do.  
  Cooperate with Club Officers on health and safety issues.  
  Correctly use all equipment provided by the Club.  
  Not interfere with or misuse anything provided for your health, safety or welfare.  
  Report any concerns on health and safety to the the Club's Health and Safety Officer.  
  Arrangements for health and safety  
  Brynhyfryd Bowls Club will achieve our health and safety aims by carrying out the following arrangements:  
  Risk assessments are undertaken prior to the beginning of every season, and reviewed if circumstances change.  
  Fire extinguishers are annually inspected and serviced by qualified personnel..  
  An Accident Book is maintained in which all incidents are recorded.  
  Electrical installations and portable electrical equipment are subject to periodic inspections and testing.  
  The gas boiler is serviced annually.  
  Chemicals and fertilisers are held securely under lock and key.  
  All machinery is kept fully maintained and regularly serviced.  
  First time users of machinery are guided by existing green keeping operators and supervised until proficient.  
  Kitchen facilities are maintained to a high standard and meet legal requirements.  
  Members who provide catering are made aware of Food Hygiene requirements.  
  The Club will not always have trained first aiders on hand. It provides, however, first aid boxes  ( one situated in the Gentlemen's changing room and one in the machine shed ) which are regularly checked.  
  Guidance and information on how emergency assistance can be obtained is displayed the Clubhouse.  
  No child under the age of 18 is allowed on Club premises without their parent, guardian or appointed responsible adult  
  For both Children and Adults at Risk, the Club has a separate Safeguarding Policy .  
  Record Keeping  
  Records are kept of the following :  
  Formal risk assessments.  
  Green equipment manufacturers' manuals / instructions ( stored in the machine shed )  
  The Accident Book. ( in the gentlemen's changing room )  
  A copy of this Health and Safety statement is displayed within the Club. It is also held on the Club's website.  
  Members are asked to familiarise themselves with the content of this document and if issues are identified at any time, to draw these to the attention of the Health and Safety Officer.  
                                                                                         Management Committee  September 2020  

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